The Puzzle Project in London 2008

The Puzzle Project was initially formed by Japanese artists and first took place in Osaka, Japan. The project is currently being brought to London to unite the works of 120 artists from the UK, Japan and other countries. One of the aims of the project is to grow and travel around different cities across the globe by generating new exhibitions and involving new artists. Nevertheless previous participants are welcomed to take part in future editions of the project.

In this project participants created art on the surface of a plain puzzle piece. Any media/technique was accepted. Subsequently the artworks were curated all together to build up one single puzzle. A significant amount of pieces were commissioned through the UK office in 2008: half by invitation and half by submission. The rest came from the Japan Office and 5 more were created in a workshop that took place in London.

Iris de Leeuw was invited to join the project. The making over of her puzzle piece, a portrait of her friend Bess

Frimodig, is on display below.


Bess, Puzzle & Piece(s)