In 1989 Iris started a series of hand printed silk screen posters and invitations for the many cultural festivals in Zeeland, at the time named: Zeeland Cultuur Maand (Cultural Month Zealand). In 1990 she designed a logo/theme for ‘ the sunniest province of Holland’ based on a sun and ‘zeeuwsch meisje’ (Zealand girl), a well known item in the Dutch culture. This Zealand girl is present on her artwork with exceptions on the 1994 and 1995 silkscreens. The theme for 1994 was about Piet Mondrian. Iris based this year’s poster on Mondrian’s art he made in Zealand in early 1900.  In 1995 the ZCM foundation changed name and management (see 1995 parting and welcoming). The last poster in this series shows for that reason a sun, a sunflower and a festive knotted ribbon.

This year 2009, The Zeeland Nazomer Festival celebrates her 10th anniversary.  For that occasion the art work below is shown at the Drvkkery during the festival.


Zeeland Cultuurmaand/Nazomer Festival


1989 The first poster for Zeeland Cultuur (maand)

Marilyn Monroe as Zeeuwsch Meisje  (Zealand girl)

1998 another pre-ZCM-poster

a show on photography

POSTER 1990 September Culture in Zealand

the sunniest province offers more!!

POSTER 1992 September

Zeeland Cultuurmaand

POSTER 1991 September

Zeeland Cultuurmaand

POSTER 1993 September/October

Zeeland Cultuurmaand 5 year

POSTER 1994 Zeeland Cultuurmaand

Mondrian Year


hand printed, signed and numbered

POSTER 1994 ZCM small

POSTER 1995 Zeeland Nazomer Festivals

Zealand After Summer Festivals


originals, hand printed, signed and numbered